Joseph Giovanni

Ports of Paradise Orchid Brooch/Pendant

Ports of Paradise Orchid Brooch/Pendant, 18K Gold with diamond accents

Nature fell in love with its own creation when it came up with the orchid, so it made countless beautiful variations of it. Prominent in many myths, symbols of wealth, attraction, fertility and healing, orchids are among the most loved and valued flowers in the world. 

Giovanni lovingly recreated in gold the unique figure of the "ports of paradise" orchid, featuring a beautiful diamond in the center. Like all our brooches, it can also be worn as a pendant. Matching earrings also available.

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Inspired by nature, Joseph Giovanni brings you hand-crafted fine jewelry with a unique chiffon finish. Timeless designs in gorgeous natural forms, and attention to detail in every step of the production process make our jewelry stand out among all others.