Joseph Giovanni

Venetian Pansy Bracelet

Venetian Pansy Bracelet, 18K Gold and Platinum with diamond accents

According to legend, the pansy flower was originally white, and blushed purple when pierced by Cupid's arrow. And since then, it is believed to bring thoughts of loved ones, carrying a secret message saying "think of me." At Joseph Giovanni, we love this flower so much we designed several versions of it and kept this one as a favorite. This Venetian pansy bracelet made of 18K gold, with platinum and diamonds, is an enchanter which will make a memorable impression.

The matching earrings and necklace will bring the charm to another level.

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Inspired by nature, Joseph Giovanni brings you hand-crafted fine jewelry with a unique chiffon finish. Timeless designs in gorgeous natural forms, and attention to detail in every step of the production process make our jewelry stand out among all others.