Joseph Giovanni

Carnation Birth Flower Earrings

Carnation Birth Flower Earrings, 18K Gold with diamond accents

Carnations symbolize pure love. Back when people sent messages to their loved ones with flowers, carnations of different colors meant different things, but they always spoke of love. Make your declaration to the love of your life with a golden carnation that will never fade. If you are looking for a unique, timeless gift for a special person born in January, or a new baby/new mom gift, look no further. Our blooming flower is a delicate beauty made from 18K gold, with diamond accents and a beautiful lemony finish.

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Inspired by nature, Joseph Giovanni brings you hand-crafted fine jewelry with a unique chiffon finish. Timeless designs in gorgeous natural forms, and attention to detail in every step of the production process make our jewelry stand out among all others.