Joseph Giovanni

Orchid "Dancing Lady" Brooch/Pendant

"Dancing Lady" Orchid Brooch/Pendant, 18K Gold with Diamond Accents

Nature itself fell in love with its own creation when it made the orchid, so it generated countless variations of it. The orchid is a symbol of luxury, beauty, and strength. It's adored throughout the world, but is not the easiest flower to care for. The "dancing lady" is one special flower Joseph Giovanni recreated beautifully in gold, so it is now a flower that will last forever.

Like all our brooch/pendants, it can be worn either as a pin or as a necklace.

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Inspired by nature, Joseph Giovanni brings you hand-crafted fine jewelry with a unique chiffon finish. Timeless designs in gorgeous natural forms, and attention to detail in every step of the production process make our jewelry stand out among all others.