Joseph Giovanni

Peach Blossom Brooch/Pendant

Peach Blossom Brooch/Pendant, 18K Gold and Platinum with diamond accents

When peach flowers bloom, it is impossible not to be captivated by their beauty. This must be why, in the language of flowers, sending a message with peach blossoms meant "I'm your captive." The peach blossom has a special place in feng-shui and traditional eastern arts, and is known as a bringer of luck. One of Joseph Giovanni's signature creations, the peach blossom brooch highlights how stunning gold can be in the hands of a master jeweler. 

Like all our brooch/pendants, it can be worn as a pin or as a necklace. Add the peach blossom earrings and bracelet for extra "wow" factor.

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Inspired by nature, Joseph Giovanni brings you hand-crafted fine jewelry with a unique chiffon finish. Timeless designs in gorgeous natural forms, and attention to detail in every step of the production process make our jewelry stand out among all others.